Vicster Gamwich

Halfling Monk


DEX 17
CON 13
INT 10
WIS 14
CHA 13

Saving Throws
STR +1
DEX +5
CON +1
INT +0
WIS +2
CHA +1

AC 15
HP 9
Initiative +3
Speed 25ft



Long ago I discovered my former master and several of the monks of my order secretly working for the evil we were sworn to oppose. After a violent confrontation I escaped with my life, and only thanks to the aid of an unexpected ally. My former order has hunted me ever since. For years I hid in the mountains and lived a quiet life of isolation. I recently received an urgent request from an old friend. Erlanthar a member of my order, now a wandering monk aided me when i needed it most. I owe Erlanthar my life and now i have the opportunity to pay off that debt. I ventured forth from my mountain hiding place to meet my friend in the small town of Greenest.

Vicster Gamwich

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